Why choose us for your project?

Our team members were there when the modern H2-combustion process evolved to what it is today. On top of that, we keep on co-developing H2ICE of different sizes and applications. The H2-strategies are manifold, and so is our experience portfolio.

What we do

How we work

We do H2ICE all day. All week.

Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch results in H2ICE technology. With expertise in both science and practical application, we're pushing boundaries for cleaner, CO2-free engines. From optimizing combustion to tackling integration challenges in vehicles and boats, we offer cost-efficient solutions tailored to each client. With a growing network of partners, we provide holistic support from H2 delivery to operation. When it comes to H2ICE, count on us for comprehensive solutions.

rendering of a REVYVE hydrogen engine

H2ICE-specific tool-chain for quick & precise results.

Over years of scientific work, we developed our patented tool-chain to convert your fossil base engine to Hydrogen both quickly and precisely. Through extensive use of simulation software programs and collabo-ration with developers, we've gained deep insights into each tool's capabilities. This knowledge empowers us to navigate H2ICE development with confidence, optimizing every step of the process. Trust in our expertise to deliver seamless conversions and propel you towards a cleaner future.

High quality standards and cost savings with lean project management

Perfectionism is crucial to deliver the best results. Simultaneously, we only recommend practical steps to maintain the lean efficiency of your H2ICE project. With our toolchain facilitating rapid progress through development stages, we enable early feedback cycles to enhance your overall objectives. These additional feedback cycles assist in saving both time and money by choosing the right hardware on the test bench, such as turbochargers and injectors.

rendering of a REVYVE hydrogen engine
What we offer

Our services

We know the capabilities and limitations of H2 combustion. Aligned with your goals, we recommend you early on the best path to achieve them. Let’s kick-start your H2ICE project.

1D: Full Engine Simulation
Conversion CxHy to H2 with minimum Hardware changes
Comparison of High Lambda vs. EGR vs. Water-Injection
H2-Injection: Comparison of PFI vs. DI vs. Dual-Injection
Comparison of Charging Concepts: 1-/multistage, VTG, eTC etc.
Transient Investigations
Base Engine Mapping
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3D-CFD Simulation
Investigation of Homogenization PFI/ DI
Investigation of Homogenization EGR/ WI
Investigation of H2-Combustion
Influence Investigation of Piston Bowl Variations on H2-Combustion
Calculation of Flow Parameters by means of Virtual Flowbench
Other Investigations of your interest
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Different measurement programs for optimizing given H2 combustion process
Component testing (spark plugs, injectors, TC)
H2 ECU function testing
Other Investigations of your interest
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Environmental Consulting
Carbon footprint report for the entire company (not LCA) per region (e.g. South America, Europe, Asia)
Measures to reduce and minimize environmental impact
Measures to reduce and minimize CO2 emissions
Environmental analysis of companies and guidance on CO2 savings
Environmental impact assessments (from energy supply to hydrogen production)
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Project Management for Green Hydrogen
Mobility: complete or partial fleet change
Green hydrogen production for demonstration projects: from energy production to hydrogen production and end use
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Tools we work with

How we'd work together

Our process is streamlined and transparent. We carefully tailor each phase to meet your objectives. Our approach emphasizes efficiency and clear communication, ensuring our stakeholders are informed and engaged throughout the entire project.

Strategy Call - 30 min

We listen closely to what you want to achieve with your project. After the call, you'll receive a list of requirements and information, that we need to start the project and to best fulfil your goals.


Project Planning

Based on your provided information, we show you the relevant work packages and estimated project duration. In this meeting, we already provide our suggestions to best fulfil your goals and prevent useless time-consuming investigations.


1D Simulation

With the 1D Full Engine Simulation we set up the injection-strategies, do the turbo-matching and benchmark the achievable levels of BMEP, power, efficiency, air-fuel-ratio and NOx. This phase usually takes 2 to 3 months.


3D-CFD Simulation

The 3rd phase starts with a timely offset of several weeks to the 1D simulation, as it needs the boundary conditions from the 1D. This phase can take up to 4 months.


Test Bench Phase

In this phase, the H2ICE will be build-up the first time with an already advanced hardware setup due to the sophisticated pre-development with simulations. This phase usually takes 3 to 7 months.


Final Report

You'll receive a holistic report with all findings and outcomes of the project as a documentation. The report also highlights future development potential to achieve the next step to stay ahead of the competition.