Pioneering hydrogen engines on water

At REVYVE, we are passionate about pioneering innovation in the maritime sector. We firmly believe that hydrogen holds the potential to revolutionize the way we navigate the world's waterways. Join us on our journey to clean boating!

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What sets our technology apart is its sustainability throughout its lifecycle. Not only do our hydrogen engines produce zero CO2 emissions during use, but they also leave a minimal carbon footprint and need less rare earths during manufacturing.

Why we're the right fit

David Leimann
Co-Founder & Technology Lead
"We are the gateway to clean and efficient boat engines for boat owners seeking an eco-friendly, high-performing, and reliable solution."
David Gerber
Co-Founder & Business Lead
"Our ultimate goal is to shape the future of mobility with our hydrogen engines and drive sustainable change. We firmly believe that our passion will empower us to achieve these goals."

The time is now for a transformative shift in the boating industry. The urgent need to reduce emissions have driven a rising demand for more sustainable maritime transportation options.

is a testament to our commitment to a greener planet.

Three pillar business model

Our business model is built on three strong pillars. The first two enable us to deliver top-notch services in both Engineering and Consulting, generating essential early cash flow crucial for a startup. This financial strength provides us with the flexibility needed for upcoming business scaling. In the long term, we plan to develop and offer our own Hydrogen Engines through strategic partnerships.
You want a more detailed look into our business model?

Customer groups
Engine Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vehicle Developer, (Fuel) Research Centers
Engine/ Vehicle Manufacturer, Governmental Institutions, NGOs, Think Tanks etc.
Boat Builders, Shipyards, Commercial Boat Operators etc.

Frequent questions.

Hydrogen is a trend topic at the moment. And a lot of companies and news are talking about it. Nevertheless, we still get a few questions here and there and hope the answers help you. You didn’t find what you were looking for?

We don’t have access to a Hydrogen test bench. Can you run measurements for us?

Yes, we have a broad network of Test Bench Service Providers capable of Hydrogen applications. With them, we can run experiments for you with single cylinder to full engine applications.

Do you just simulate?

No, we kick-start your H2ICE development to go quickly to the test bench with a base application map. From there on we support you with further combustion process development by means of measurements, supportive simulation (1D, 3D-CFD) and ECU function development.

What are the estimated cost for an entry project?

An entry project could be a quick H2ICE concept study for a given fossil engine or a 3D-CFD analysis on a specific problem (e.g. inhomogenity). Price ranges between €5,000 - €55,000.

We want to reach very high BMEP. Can you help?

For very high BMEP goals, together with our customer, we evaluate the road to achieve this goals. During this evaluation we already give our advice on which strategy to use regarding PFI/DI, EGR/ Water-Injection, Multi-Stage-Charging etc.

Can you also help as an advisor?

Yes, we also provide advisory work in form of scheduled calls, one pager and white paper on specific Hydrogen topics. Please don’t hesitate and schedule a first meeting with us.

Do you also work on engines for big cargo ships?

No, for our own Hydrogen Engines, we focus on boats up to 35m in length.

Do you only investigate Hydrogen?

No, we also provide experience in dual fuel applications with H2 + Natural Gas and H2 + Ammonia. However, our own boat engines will run on 100% H2. We can help you with conventional fuels, too. Just hit us up for a quick call.

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