Balancing change with continuity

We prioritize environmental concerns and aim to play our part in protecting nature by developing hydrogen engines. The faster we develop our own and our customers' hydrogen engines, the sooner they can contribute to real CO2 reduction and clean propulsion. This is why our development tool chains are established with a high priority on time-efficient development. 

Our founders, David Gerber and David Leimann, were instrumental in the significant advancement of modern hydrogen engine technology to its current state. Recognizing the immense potential in heavy-duty applications, the founders were eager to expand hydrogen technology into various applications such as boating, motorsport, and Gen-Sets.

Team meeting of REVYVE

Shaping the future of mobility

Having previously collaborated on demanding motorsport and scientific projects, our experienced approach to lean project management under highly competitive circumstances aids in driving innovation at REVYVE Technologies. With our growing team, we continue to set new standards in hydrogen combustion. Our ultimate goal is to shape the future of mobility with our hydrogen engines and drive sustainable change.

Team photo of REVYVE
Our team

The people behind REVYVE

Our shared passion and determination empowers us to achieve our goals and make a positive impact on the world. Meet our team.

Portrait of David Gerber
David Gerber

David is responsible for Business Development, Finance and Investor Relations.

Portrait of David Leimann
David Leimann

David is responsible for Technology, Marketing and Communication.

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